Perogy Nation

Perogy Nation is a comedy food show that takes a light hearted look at perogies of the world and the people who make them.This pilot for a thirteen part series brings one of Canada’s best-loved theatre performers to television. Ivanka, the polyester princess, is played by singer/actor/playwright Jo-Ann Waytowich.
Wearing beige nylon support stockings, a floral print dress, orthopaedic shoes, and horn-rimmed glasses, Ivanka is always interested in doing things the “Kan-a-dad-ian” way.
Ivanka is on a mission to discover the perogies that make up our “Dee-lish-ous” Canadian mosaic. Multi-perogyism is the premise of the project and Ivanka is the vehicle used to explore our Canadian heritage. Every culture in the world has a traditional perogy-like dish that is a defining feature of an ethnic identity. For example, Italians have ravioli, Jamaicans have patties, Chinese have dumplings, East Indians have samosas, Finns have piiraka and Chileans have empanadas. In addition to finding out about interesting homemade food and fascinating people, viewers get to see Canada and visit places that are off the beaten track.
Perogy Nation is a show with a social and geographical edge. Nothing, not even rain, sleet or snow stops Ivanka from getting to her Perogy making destinations. Weather, geography and history all play a part as she travels across Canada on her 1952 Schwinn one speed.
She’ll navigate large cities and small towns, cycling through the Canadian Shield, across the expanse of the prairies, climbing the Rocky Mountains – to visit Canada’s greatest monuments, for example, the world’s largest Perogy, and to find the country’s greatest perogy cooks. Since Perogy Nation stretches from St. John’s to Victoria, Ivanka, and the viewers who join her, will have an opportunity to see the unique towns and villages that dot this giant country.