Seeking Bimaadiziiwin

Seeking Bimaadiziiwin is a 31 minute fictional drama that deals with the tough issues …Seeking Bimaadiziiwin is the winner of six film awards including Best Live Action Short at the 32nd American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco. This film deals with the tough issues of depression, suicide and racism. It is intended for therapeutic use with clients to encourage participation in group therapy and to spark discussion about these critical issues. It also serves to illustrate the diversity within modern Anishinawbe culture and to point out that different healing and spiritual approaches need to be used with different clients. This production was shot on Super 16mm film for maximum production value.
Reserve life, family problems and the death of a close friend push Kaitlyn, a young Anishinawbe woman, into a deep depression. Following a suicide attempt and a lengthy hospital stay in a strange city, she is encouraged by her psychiatrist to participate in group therapy with three other Anishinawbe youth. The four group members represent the four directions and the diversity that is found within Native culture. Reluctant at first, she and the others in the group begin to find strength and support in each other. They grow through the relationships built with one another and their culture. However, a series of events and losses continue to make Kaitlyn’s recovery uncertain. It’s not until she almost loses one of her new close friends, that she begins to see clearly how precious life is.

Accompanying the drama is Sharing Tebwewin, a 45-minute educational documentary designed to help health workers become more “culturally competent” when working with First Nation clients.
Both films were co-produced with Thunderstone Pictures.



Best Live Action Short Film 32nd Annual American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco

Best Film, 2008 Algoma International Film Association Awards

Best Film, 2008 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards

Best Director, 2008 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards

Best Cinematography, 2008 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards

People’s Choice Award, Bay Street Film Festival, (Thunder Bay, Ontario)