Our Team

ShebaFilms is an independent film and video production company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We have over 25 years of filmmaking experience and we have worked on films across Canada and around the world. The company was established to develop and ensure the representation of Northwestern Ontario in the Canadian film industry. We have the experience, the skills and the equipment to handle almost any production.

As a production company, Sheba Films has a special interest in documentary films about social issues, women and the developing world. Sheba Films brings together the talents of Kelly Saxberg, with more than twenty five years of experience in the film and television industry, and Ron Harpelle, historian and filmmaker. Kelly Saxberg has extensive experience in short and feature length documentary films and dramas. Kelly has a background in women’s history and is a film director and editor. Ron Harpelle is professor of History at Lakehead University, and he is the producer at ShebaFilms. Kelly Saxberg and Ron Harpelle bring research and film experience together to make films that are informative and entertaining.

ShebaFilms is one of a handful of professional film production companies in Northwestern Ontario and we offer a full range of film production services. Our working experience in the region ensures co-operation and the efficient use of available resources. Thunder Bay, a city of 120,000 with Lake Superior and the Canadian Shield as its backdrop, offers spectacular locations and easy access to all major Canadian cities. ShebaFilms is the local provider for all of your production needs.

Email us for more information shebafilms@shaw.ca


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