ShebaFilms provides a full range of pre-production, production and post-production services to out of town filmmakers. In addition to producing our own films, we have assisted in many productions, large and small, in Thunder Bay and region. We have also provided opportunities for many young filmmakers in our region, so if we are unable to help with your project, we can refer you to talented people who can. If its here, we know where it is. If its not, we know where to get it.

In addition to making our own films and providing advice to other filmmakers, we  provide  a full range of commercial services, from helping to develop the concept for a production, to production and marketing. We can help you make your ideas come alive. We have the experience and the know how.

Thunder Bay, Ontario is located on the shores of Lake Superior and in the heart of Northwestern Ontario. Although the city may seem remote, it really is just a short flight from Toronto, Minneapolis, Winnipeg and other major North American centres. This means that filmmakers wanting to make use of the natural beauty of the Canadian Shield, the spectacular vistas of the largest inland lake in the world, or who are looking for the backdrop of a small town or city streets, a 19th century fur trade post or the towering Kakabeka Falls, can base their operations in a city with all of the modern conveniences. In addition to being a spectacular place to film, Thunder Bay boasts a deep pool of experienced film production talent and we are under an hour away from almost any location. Thunder Bay is a small city, but it has lots to offer filmmakers. The city of Thunder Bay and its residents offer a supportive environment for film production. ShebaFilms has experience in making films in Northwestern Ontario and around the world. We know the local filmmaking community and we know where to go and who to call to get the job done in Thunder Bay.

Phone: 807-345-0221



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